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The saga of Comic Sanctum:

My name is Terrence and I am the owner and comic book curator of Comic Sanctum!


My first exposure to comics was probably nicking my grandfather's newspaper funny section to read the daily doses of Garfield, Andy Capp, Hägar the Horrible... or whatever was being published at the time.

Because it was quite difficult getting your hands on the more popular Marvel and DC Comics as a kid growing up in South Africa, I mostly read the comic strips that used to be at the back of newspapers, and then - noticing my fondness for these my mom started buying me small digests of Casper and Archie comics as I think those were all we could get from the local newsagents. I was hooked! I'd normally finish them in one sitting and even now, I mostly read a standard paperback graphic novel in one sitting.


For as long as I can remember I have always loved comics in printed form and Comic Sanctum is dedicated to my life-long passion for these books and their amazing power to transport us to different worlds with their visual storytelling. By opening the store I hope to reinvigorate this wonderful medium within our hometown in Newark, in the absence of a local comic book store.

A bit more about myself, so you can understand where my recommendations are coming from. You can find recommendations at the bottom of some listings or wherever you see a Staff Pick ribbon on product images.

What are my Top 5 comic books of all time?

My list is a bit less traditional than others. I could go in for the really heavy lifters such as Watchmen, Maus or really high-brow stuff, which is excellent to a fault, but my top 5 is dedicated to books that have inspired me to open the Sanctum and share the joy of comics with others. These are books that I can open up and read any day, multiple times:

After many market stall days we have gone from strength to strength with the support of our amazing local fans in Newark, which is why we have a Click and Collect option for the town that can be selected as an option at Checkout. The pickup point is from Newark Art Gallery Mon-Fri 9:30AM-16:30PM.


We are growing Comic Sanctum to be available Nationwide and will be attending Comic Cons across the UK! If you would like to enquire about delivery or collection please contact us on

You can read our Shipping & Returns Policy here

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